Garage Screen Doors

Check Out What One Product Can Do! 

Benefits of Garage Screen Doors

  • Add some privacy while you’re in your garage.
  • Keep your garage and add some ventilation.
  • Instantly turn your garage into a party room, playroom, gym, or mancave!

Do you really need a garage screen door?

How much use does your garage get? Does it just sit empty and full of dust most of the time? Do you want more space in your house? Do you want a space where you, your family, and your friends can sit and enjoy fresh air, without being exposed to all of the elements? Garages are usually the largest rooms in any house, yet they are the least used. Most of the time, they are just used for storage of yard tools and old boxes. But, there is a way to open up your garage! With a Garage Screen Door, your garage will get a breath of fresh air and so will you!

Endless Possibilities

Our Garage Screen Door will transform your garage from a stuffy, crowded storage unit to an airy room that everyone in your family will be able to enjoy! It allows fresh air to circulate through the area and will still prevent insects and other pests from entering your household. The options for your new room are endless. You can use your garage for a party room, a home gym, a TV or gaming room, an arts & crafts area, or another type of workshop. If you do not have space for an outdoor patio, this is an excellent option to allow you to enjoy the outdoors, without leaving your house. You will not have to worry about rain or inclement weather.

garage screen door

Smooth Transition

This product is easy to use and will not interfere with the operations of your current garage door. The installation is completed by one of our professionals and it only takes a few hours to complete.  Our product is developed from high-quality materials, which means that it is made to last for years and we even guarantee that statement with a warranty. You can personalize yours by choosing the type of screen and the color of the frame. We have several options and styles that will match any type of house.

Garage Screen Doors for Versatile and Innovative Solutions

At AOLE, we understand the need for versatile and innovative solutions when it comes to underutilized garage spaces. That’s why we offer two types of garage screen doors: the Motorized Screen and the 4-track Sliding System.

Our motorized screens are designed to seamlessly transition your garage from a storage area to a functional and comfortable space suitable for various activities. These screens are not only efficient in keeping out bugs, but also provide natural ventilation and light, creating a welcoming atmosphere for hobbies, workouts, or simply enjoying the outdoors while still being protected from the elements. Our commitment to quality ensures that our retractable screen doors are not only durable and easy to operate, but are also designed to complement the aesthetics of any garage.

Our systems fit garage heights from 79″ to 103″ and single garage door widths from 99″ to 116″, while double garage doors can range from 187″ to 205″ in width.

For those looking for a more comprehensive solution, our 4-Track Sliding System is custom-built to fit your garage. The sturdy, high-quality aluminum frames and neoprene wheels allow the panels to glide effortlessly and securely lock into place. The system also includes a kickplate at the bottom, providing extra strength and preventing damage to panels, including damage caused by cars.

We offer a wide range of fabrics for our garage door screen systems. Our Solar Screens offer 75%-99% UV protection, while our Tuff and No-see-um screens provide bug protection. You can choose from a range of colors, including Black, Grey, Brown, Dark Bronze, Beige, Stucco, and White, with other colors available upon special request.

Our vinyl-glazed panels by Eze-Breeze®, are custom-made to exceed expectations. They offer exceptional benefits, including returning to their original shape in minutes, even when the vinyl is impacted. Our garage screen doors are not only efficient in functionality but also in their beauty and strength.